Thursday, June 27, 2013

Survival Skills for Ukraine 101

Survival Skills for Ukraine 101
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For those of you traveling to Ukraine, here are some healthy tips

1. Always have someone call you a taxi rather than finding one near the street corner. This will save you money & time

2. Never send anyone money without first sleeping with them. I do not understand how gullible and stupid men can be to send money to anyone on the internet. Yes, anyone. Do not send anyone money until you have physically (sex) made contact with the individual.

3. When dealing with local banks, always remember they do not accept wrinkled or inked   marked US. dollar bills.

4. When dealing with local banks, stick to Bank Aval. It appears to be the most responsive and responsible bank in town. 

5. When deal with marriage agencies, do not trust anyone. Marriage agencies are in the business of deception & theft. All the women on their roster are paid to keep you paying $ for as long as possible. Suppose you find a nice gal and you spend the next 3 months communicating with her. She get's you to pay for a translator and/or has you paying for a membership at the marriage agency. Guess what? That's the scam

  • She's paid to keep listening to your rants about god know's what. 
  • She's not interested in you what so ever 
  • You are one of 10 or 20 men whom she is communicating with on a daily basis. 
  • She works for the agency as a paid - employee 
  • It's a man! You might actually be dealing with a man who can write English letters.
  • Pay $10 dollars extra for 5 minutes of video-chat? For what, Skype is free!  
  • Think gentlemen, you seem to loose your head once you get on  the plane! 
Food for Thought
  • You a 50 year old man, attempting to date a women between the ages of 25-35.
      • Why would a 25-35 year old women date a 45-50 year old man?
      • Why would a 40-50 year old man be trying to find a 20-35 year old women in a foreign country? 
      • Do you actually believe she is interested in you? or just finding comfort in your ability to pay/raise her standard of living.
      • Do you speak Russian? Probably not...So what do you have in common?
      • Do you travel often? Are you multi-cultural
In order to understand these questions, you must first question why you are traveling to a foreign nation to find a " internet bride ". 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

They are sexy & they know it!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

High Heels & Long Legs

The heat is back in Ukraine. Less coats and more skirts :'). The beauty is more and more apparent as you walk through the streets.  Pairs of three's (3) and four line up the scenery. All but strangers to this wonderful land. The women here are beautiful in abundance.  Please however do not let your guard down. Among the many beautiful women, there are still the few one must be cautious with. Often times, one is a witness to the sad stories of those scammed by both women and marriage agencies alike ( IE: Anastasia, Elena's, Dream Marriage ) So I write to you passionately about Ukraine and the beauty it beholds. The country is rich in history and culture. It's nostalgic to the soviet era. Should you need assistance while in Ukraine,  I personally recommend the only legitimate source:

Mr. Alexander Cherednichenko
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Excellent, reliable and most importantly a trustful individual. 

The American Traveler  living in Lugansk, Ukraine.